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Production on the territory of the Russian Federation. Always fresh goods.

European equipment and standards, quality control at all stages of production.

Purification rate more than 98%

The product is certified GOST R (Russian National Standard)

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With the support of the SILA team

Fast shipping. Special
stock in Europe

The product resistant
to heat, shelf life
2 years

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By purchasing Oxytropin on our website, you get a quality guarantee for any package, otherwise, we will replace your order.

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    Payment and delivery

    You can pay for your order in any of the following ways. Each of them guarantees prompt and reliable sending of payment to the recipient. Delivery is carried out by the transport company "EMS".

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    We have offers for athletes, coaches and online stores.


    • Special price
    • Branded clothing
    • Bonus system
    • Assistance in preparing


    • Special price
    • Dropshipping
    • Presentation of our product on your resources
    • Local advertising
    • Souvenirs for your customers
    • Attracting new audience


    • Special price
    • Branded clothing
    • Bonus system

    Product verification

    To check the authenticity of the product, scan the QR code from the product packaging.


    We work as open as possible, you can get acquainted with analyzes and feedbacks from customers and testers on our branches on popular sports resources, and also leave your own feedback.